Deck Officer Apprentice

Trainee at ESVAGT

Deck Officer Apprentice

As a Deck Officer Apprentice at ESVAGT, you get the opportunity to try theory in practice and gain valuable competencies. If you as a trainee perform well, we can subsequently offer you the opportunity for a career at ESVAGT as a 1st Officer.

Life at sea

As a Deck Officer Apprentice, you will be involved in the work at the bridge.

Furthermore, you will work on the deck, operate the crane, participate in fire and safety exercises, sail the rescue boats and participate in the general maintenance of the ship. The internship is paid.

Also, you will receive work clothes and your transport expenses will be covered. 

Start your career at ESVAGT
ESVAGT is a great place to start your career at sea. You will be taught from scratch by experienced seamen, and you will be allowed to be part of the daily work. 

What we are looking for
You have to be passionate about doing the daily tasks on the bridge with maximum focus on safety and working environment.

Who we are looking for

You are studying Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Nautical Science at SIMAC.

We expect that you have a serious approach to safety and take responsibility for your personal learning. Furthermore, we expect you to be passionate about a future at sea.

You must be able to work within the company’s norms and values (Our Values). In addition, we expect you to be proactive, open, and accommodating.

We offer

  • Internship with 12 months effective sailing time over a 24-months period
  • Four weeks at sea followed by four weeks off
  • Fitness equipment, internet, and private cabin
  • The possibility of permanent employment as a Navigator after graduation

We expect

  • You are studying Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Nautical Science
  • You have passed the first two semesters of BS Flex before first onsigning
  • You have the urge to work with safety at sea

Internship applications

Deck Officer Trainee 
20th of March with start in January
20th of September with start in July

Nice to know

Once your application is registered correctly, you will receive an automatic reply confirming, that your application has been received. We review the applications on an ongoing basis. If we choose to invite you for an interview, we will get in touch with you after the deadline. If you are not qualified for a position at ESVAGT, you will receive a rejection per e-mail. Unfortunately, we will not be able to elaborate on the individual refusal personally.