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It only takes a few steps to board a wind turbine. But doing it out on the open sea in all weather conditions requires extensive experience working at sea.

At ESVAGT we are specialized in supporting the fast-growing offshore market. We have been involved in renewables and offshore wind since 2010 and we know the challenges of getting personnel safe from the vessel to the turbine. Our early vital experience helped us develop and pioneer the unique Service Operation Vessel (SOV).

With the combination of our gangway-equipped Service Operation Vessel, our fleet of specially designed Safe Transfer Boats and our skilled crew, we can offer you state-of-the art safety and support for offshore wind turbines.

Today we are recognised as the market leader and largest operator of SOVs in Europe. We have vast experience in operating SOVs and have managed the safe transfer of more than 700,000 people between SOVs and wind turbines – either through the motion-compensated gangways or our Safe Transfer Boats.

Shore-going Safe Transfer Boats
One of the unique features of our SOV is the Safe Transfer Boat (STB). Designed and built by ESVAGT, the STB incorporates close to 40 years of excellence in boat operations, offering our customers a safe, effective and flexible transfer solution. 

“We are specialised in supporting the fast-growing offshore market. We have been involved in renewables and offshore wind since 2010.”

The walk-to-work gangway concept ensures a stepless transfer from the SOV to the wind turbine – even in high sea states.

Specially-designed SOVs to meet your needs

Service Operation Vessels are the most cost-efficient maintenance concept for offshore wind farms. The vessels are purpose-built in accordance with customer requirements. We will find a solution that suits your needs – as long as it is safe.

All ESVAGT SOVs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to secure maximum uptime for the wind farms, safe access to the wind turbines for the technicians, and superior comfort for everybody on board.

CREST – the best of two worlds in USA

In 2021, ESVAGT and Crowley formed the CREST Wind partnership. This joint venture partnership led to the first major offshore wind contract in the USA in 2023. 

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Feel at home away from home
The ESVAGT SOVs are designed to offer high-level comfort and well-being to the customers, personnel and crew working on board.