‘Esvagt Njord’ rescues seven injured fishermen

In December 2020, the crew at the SOV ‘Esvagt Njord’ responded to a distress call and rescued seven injured fishermen.

‘Esvagt Njord’ is a wind turbine ship assisting Equinor in the operation of Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm.

In December 2020, skipper Brian Kristiansen heard a distress call from a fishing vessel nearby.

“I have told my crew as well as the customers on board that everyone can be very proud of the effort. We are different companies, but we are one ship and one crew”
Skipper Brian Kristiansen, ’Esvagt Njord’

Responding to the call, he learned that the ship was taking in water, and the ‘Esvagt Njord’ was swiftly released from the park to aid the fishing vessel.

‘Esvagt Njords’ fast rescue boat headed for the fishing vessel only to find a situation far more serious than imagined. Several explosions on board had left all seven fishermen in need of first aid – some were seriously injured.

‘Esvagt Njord’ immediately deployed the larger STB7 and started evacuating the fishing vessel, and ‘Esvagt Njord’s remaining crew prepared to receive and provide first aid to the injured seamen assisted by Equinor’s medic and staff from Certex and Siemens Gamesa.

All seven fishermen were evacuated and received medical attention. Several fractures, tears and wounds were treated on the spot. Three seamen were injured so severely, they were evacuated from ‘Esvagt Njord’ by helicopter.

In June 2021, Equinor, operator of Dudgeon offshore wind farm, presented the crew aboard the ‘Esvagt Njord’ with a Safety Award to honor their life-saving actions.