Night operation in arctic water, ESVAGT rescues man overboard

On 20. February 2015, an offshore worker fell from the Scarabeo 8 semi-sub drilling rig and hit the icy waters 13,5 meters below. 6 minutes later, he was safe and warm in the ‘Esvagt Aurora’ hospital.

“The successful rescue operation was a result of planning, compliance to procedures, best practice… and training, training, and training”
Former ESVAGT Chief Commercial & Safety Officer Ole Ditlev Nielsen

The Barents Sea is not very accommodating in winter. So, when the Scarabeo 8 semi-sub drilling rig working the Goliat Field in the Barents Sea called man overboard on 20 February 2015 at 04.11 in the morning, the ESVAGT crew onboard the standby vessel ‘Esvagt Aurora’ knew they had only a few minutes to make a difference.

The man overboard was an offshore worker who had fallen 13,5 m into the pitch-dark sea. ‘Esvagt Aurora, located 1.000 meters from the semi-sub, responded immediately and launched a Fast Rescue Boat (FRB).

At 04.15, the person was recovered from the sea, and he was being treated at the ‘Esvagt Aurora’ hospital just six minutes after the initial man overboard call.

Two hours later, he was evacuated from ‘Esvagt Aurora’ by helicopter and brought to Hammerfest, where he fully recovered.

ESVAGT was awarded the ENI Safety Award 2016 for the rescue mission.