Innovating to improve green energy

Through the ‘Green Vessel Innovation Project’, ESVAGT collaborates with Aalborg University and innovative partners to further reduce the emissions from offshore wind. The goal is to make service ships as emission-free as the wind farms they work in.

“ESVAGT wants to be involved where new innovation is happening”
DCEO Kristian Ole Jakobsen, ESVAGT

Is it possible to service an offshore wind farm with a service vessel powered by batteries, hydrogen, and fuel cells?

Can the already green renewable energy become even more green?

This is what ESVAGT, Aalborg University, and partners are trying to prove through the Green Vessel Innovation Project.

The project will clarify whether ESVAGT’s purpose-built Service Operation Vessel (SOV) can service an offshore wind farm using renewable energy alone. The project is facilitated by the two national cluster organizations for energy and maritime, Energy Cluster Denmark and MARLOG, and is co-funded by the national Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program.

Dedicated to the green transition, ESVAGT has been a frontrunner and market leader in offshore wind for more than a decade.

Staying ahead and setting the bar for an even greener offshore wind remains a target.

With the ‘Green Vessel’ project, we aim to uncover how far the various types of ‘green fuels’ are from being practically applicable in the everyday life in which the SOVs work.