Stories from the sea

The sea has been our workplace for more than 40 years. During the years we have set several new standards for making the sea a safe place to work. We have also been involved in a large number of rescue missions and assistances. From man over-board recovery, pump assistance and firefighting to first aid assistance and salvage of drifting vessels. To date 149 persons have been rescued and saved by ESVAGT.


On the night of August 21, 1990, ‘ESVAGT Omega’ and ‘ESVAGT Protector’ picked up 46 crew members from the capsized rig ‘West Gamma’ in a full gale force storm.

On 20. February 2015, an offshore worker fell from a drilling rig and hit the icy waters 13,5 meters below. 6 minutes after the alarm bell was voiced, he was safe and warm on board ‘ESVAGT Aurora’.

On 15. December 2020, the crew on ‘ESVAGT Njord’ responded to a distress call from a sinking fishing trawler, that accidentally had hit an unexploded bomb from WW2 and within minutes rescued the severely injured seven fishermen.

With the innovative Service Operations Vessel (SOV)-concept, ESVAGT is the market leader in the offshore wind industry with more than 300.000 transfers so far. 

Through the ‘Green Vessel Innovation Project’, ESVAGT collaborates with Aalborg University and other industrial partners to develop new innovative solutions reducing emissions from the SOVs.