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0.70% Unplanned Offhire

ESVAGT has supported the Oil and Gas industry since 1981 making the sea a safe place to work. Fortunately, accidents are rare but should they happen, you can trust in ESVAGT. We will be there when needed 24-7-365 – good or bad weather. Right by your side and ready to support you in any emergency and rescue operation.

At ESVAGT we are experienced in working in challenging environmental conditions. We were founded for the purpose of providing emergency and rescue services to the Danish oil and gas industry. Today, we operate a complete fleet of vessels providing services to the oil and gas industry throughout the North Sea.

With our skilled and experienced crew and specially-designed vessels, we provide a wide variety of services that are all related to offshore activities.

All vessels in the fleet are equipped with ESVAGT Fast Rescue Boats (FRB) – designed by ESVAGT on the basis of more than 40 years of seagoing experience. The ESVAGT FRB has unmatched rescue capabilities and is unique compared to standard FRBs. 

With our high-end fleet of stand-by ERRV vessels we offer safety to the offshore oil and gas industry.


An important activity is our provision of standby/ERRV (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel) services. There is a need for the provision of safety for offshore installations and drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry. We provide vessels and personnel equipped for this unique task. We want to provide the best possible support in an emergency situation so that offshore personnel can feel safe and secure. This is provided by both our ERRVs and multi-role vessels.

“We want to provide the best possible support in an emergency scenario so that offshore personnel can feel safe and secure”

Oil spill contingency

The exploration and production of hydrocarbons calls for measures to be taken to protect the environment in case of an oil spill. With our dedicated standby/ERRV services, we have the capacity to provide such services by means of systems for oil dispersal and oil recovery.

Tanker assistance/rig moves/supply duties

On several locations we provide tanker assistance during hook-up to the oil field. Further, we have vessels with anchor-handling and towing capabilities enabling us to perform rig moves. Our multi-role vessels all have capacity to perform supply duties with deck space and tank capacity available for this.

Arctic/harsh areas

Our experience from working in cold areas is extensive and we have supported drilling operations west of Greenland with vessels, both providing ERRV services, oil spill contingency response and ice management.

Also we are operating in the Barents Sea with a multi-role vessel equipped for the harsh conditions. In addition to ERRV services, the vessel also performs ROV services, firefighting, tanker assistance and oil spill contingency response services.

ESVAGT’s fleet of multi-role vessels are all designed and equipped to operate worldwide and in harsh environments.