Our fleet

Founded on an experienced and well-trained offshore crew and unmatched rescue capabilities, ESVAGT is a dedicated provider of safety and support at sea. Our fleet comprises more than 40 vessels: Wind Service Operation Vessels, Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel, Multi-role Vessels and Crew Change Vessels.

Service Operation Vessels (SOV)

A Service Operation Vessels (SOV) is a cost-efficient choice for windfarms far from shore. The SOV offers on-board workshop, spare parts storage, crane and accommodation and re-creation facilities. Advanced transfer of technicians and spare parts to the wind turbines are offered by ESVAGT Safe Transfer Boats or motion compensation walk-to-work gangway solutions.
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Multipurpose ERRV

ESVAGT’s multipurpose ERRV vessels are flexible and support the offshore oil and gas industry with a number of highly specialised services as a supplement to the ERRV functions: anchor handling, rig moves, emergency towing, cargo runs, ROV inspections and surveys, barge work, oil spill response and firefighting.
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Standby ERRV

ESVAGT’s standby ERRV vessels offers safety to the offshore oil and gas industry. ESVAGT’s high-end fleet of ERRV vessels are all designed to operate worldwide and in harsh environments. They comply with all stand-by regulations in DK, UK, NL and N. The vessels are optimized on fuel consumption, capacity and size.
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Crew Change Vessels

ESVAGT offers a highly cost-efficient concept for crew changes at sea. This allows vessels to stay at locations for a long period of time. Crew change is performed at sea by using FRB boats. Stores and provisions are delivered to the mother ship by a supply vessel.
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All vessels in the fleet are equipped with ESVAGT Fast Rescue Boats. ESVAGT designs and builds FRBs in-house on the basis of more than 40 years of seagoing experience. The ESVAGT FRB has unmatched rescue capabilities and is unique compared to standard boats.
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