We do not offer standard solutions because we do not want to compromise on safety. For us, vessels and boats are workplaces and homes for both our customers and crew. And we want our vessels and boats to be state-of-the-art when it comes to safety, comfort and efficiency.

That is why we build our own fleet – based on 40 years of experience and built to maximise safe operational performance and designed to meet the needs of our customers and our crew.

From ESVAGT’s head office in Esbjerg we have our own workshop which handles the development, production and maintenance of our Fast Rescue Boats and Safe Transfer Boats. 

Built to meet your needs
Our SOVs can be tailormade to our customers need and with due consideration for the total cost of ownership.


We design and build our own SOVs. Purpose-built to maximize safe operational performance and designed to meet our customers’ needs.

This is achieved by using a well-proven in-house design concept developed on the basis of 40 years’ accumulated operations. Our SOVs are tailormade both in size and performance with due consideration for the total cost of ownership.

All ESVAGT SOVs are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to secure maximum uptime for wind farms, safe access to wind turbines for technicians, and superior comfort for everybody on board.

Constant improvements

It is important four us to listen and to learn from those who have hands-on experience. Therefore, our ship designers work closely together with the crew on board. This collaboration leads to several new standards within our ship design and operations. To give an example, our crew told us that if we could make the davids faster, they would be able to launch and recover our Fast Rescue Boats (FRBs) at even harsher weather conditions. And we did, and through the good collaboration between the crew and designers we have now improved the safety and performance at sea.

What is the right solution for you?
How do you make sure you have the right vessel for the task? Contact us and let us know about your requirements and needs. With our experience we can tailor-make a vessel that fits 100% to your tasks.

It’s in the detail
When working at sea, there is no room for material defects. That is why we take care of repairs and maintenance ourselves.