ESVAGT provide a wide variety of services, all related to offshore activities - in general terms “Safety & Support at Sea”. Below you will find a description of our primary business areas / functions.

Standby and ERRV duties


Our biggest business area is the provision of standby / ERRV duties (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel). There is a requirement for provision of safety contingency for offshore installations and drilling rigs in the oil & gas industry. We provide vessels and personnel equipped for this unique task. We want to provide the best possible support in an emergency scenario, so that offshore personnel can feel safe and secure. This is provided by both our ERRV and multirole vessels.

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Oil spill contingency duties


Exploration and production of hydrocarbons calls for measures to be taken to protect the environment in case of an oil spill. Our dedicated standby/ERRV vessels have the capacity to provide such contingency but only by means of systems to disperse oil. A more extensive support can be provided by our multirole vessels, where we offer means of mechanical recovery of oil in addition to dispersant capacity.

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Assist, supply and rig moving duties


On several locations we provide tanker assistance during hook-up to the oil field. Further we have vessels with anchor handling and towage capacities enabling us to perform rig moves. Our multirole vessels all have capacity to perform supply duties with deck space and tank capacity available for this.

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Service and personnel transfer


Our experience from working in cold areas is extensive. In 2010 and 2011 we supported drilling operations West of Greenland with two vessels each season, both acting as ERRV-vessels, 1st line oil spill contingency and minor ice management.
The last several years we have operated in the Barents Sea. One of the vessels which is equipped for the harsh winter conditions  is ‘’ESVAGT AURORA’’. The multi-role vessel is on a 10-15 year long term contract for ENI Norway. In addition to ERRV-services she also performs tanker assist- and oil spill contingency services.

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