ESVAGT is the shipping company with the most maritime internships in Denmark and we are doing a great job of attracting women to the shipping industry. Right now, we currently have approximately 200 seafarers in the process of training in ESVAGT. 

“Young people know, that ESVAGT offers both an education and a career”
Tina Halkjær Nielsen, Head of Recruitment and Training at ESVAGT

There are several good reasons why ESVAGT is dedicated to training seafarers:

Denmark has strong maritime traditions across the seven seas. Staying ahead requires for all the serious and reputable companies to help train the next generation of skilled seafarers, and ESVAGT is happy to assume its responsibilities and contribute to offering as many training places as possible. ESVAGT has a longstanding collaboration with the national school ships and maritime schools to offer internships and blue careers to young people.

ESVAGT is a key supplier to the energy sector and the green transition, and each ESVAGT vessel must always have the right competencies on board. Internships, constant training, and continued education is essential in securing this.

The best way to ensure a stable supply of competent colleagues to continue ESVAGT’s growth is to educate and train the colleagues ourselves. Internships are effective in learning the seafaring trade thoroughly.