Deck Officer apprentice


did you hear about the possibility to become a deck officer apprentice?

In collaboration with SIMAC, ESVAGT has opened this trainee position, where you will have the opportunity to test theory in practice and gain valuable competences. During the apprenticeship, you will earn 12 months of effective sailing time, which takes place over two years.

This means that you will alternately be a month at sea and almost a month at home. During your apprenticeship, you are still connected with the school and are required to be active in your studies. There will be a lot of reading as well as participation in teaching/courses with compulsory attendance during your home period.

At ESVAGT there will be good future opportunities after graduation, if we have previously experienced good cooperation, you will be offered the opportunity to continue in the shipping company as a navigator.

But why should you apply for an apprenticeship at ESVAGT? We asked one of our masters:

"ESVAGT is a good base for education and a future career at sea. Here, young people can gain good qualifications and tools to become good seafarers.
We have had good success with our deck officer apprentice, and I hope that more students in the future will apply to ESVAGT."
Master Thomas Nielsen

As a deck officer apprentice, you will be involved in the work on the bridge. In addition, you will work on deck, operate the crane, participate in fire and safety drills, sail the fast rescue boats, and participate in the general maintenance of the vessel.

The apprenticeship is paid. You will receive workwear and your transport expenses will be covered.


Being newly employed at a new workplace will always be related with some excitement and nervousness, but you will be well taken care of during your start at ESVAGT.

The employment at ESVAGT starts with a course in Esbjerg, and it will take place over two weeks with days off in between.

On your first day at work, you will be introduced to ESVAGT as a shipping company at the head office with a group of other new employees, and here you will also meet some of the onshore employees.

The rest of the first week will consist of an extended first aid course.

"It is always positive to meet our new colleagues and introduce them to ESVAGT and we always do what we can to ensure that there is a good relationship between colleagues at sea and the land organization."
Steffen R. Nielsen
Head of Ship Management - Operational
"It is always positive to meet our new colleagues and introduce them to ESVAGT and we always do what we can to ensure that there is a good relationship between colleagues at sea and the land organization."
Steffen R. Nielsen
Head of Ship Management - Operational

In the second week, you will start the training in sailing an FRB, which is our most important tool in a rescue operation.

In addition, we will conduct an in-depth internal safety course where you will be equipped to work according to ESVAGT STANDARD.

On your last day, you take part in pacing, where you again sail the FRB, learn to dock with the hook and to sail up along the mother ship.

During the course, you will receive a plan for your upcoming sailing, and when the course is completed, you will be called out for your first muster.


As something new ESVAGT takes deck officer apprentices in a trainee position.
How does that sound?


  • A trainee agreement that includes 12 months effective sail time
  • Salary during the internship period according to the collective agreement both during the sailing and home period
  • A varied and inspiring job
  • The opportunity for personal and professional development
  • 4 weeks at sea and almost 4 weeks of home
  • Exercise equipment, own chamber and common room


  • Studying Bachelor of Maritime Transport and Nautical Science at SIMAC
  • Have passed the first two semesters of BS Flex before the first muster
  • Have the desire to work with safety at sea
  • Can communicate in Danish and English – both written and oral.
  • Can present a criminal record (max 3 months old)
  • Can show pure drug test when hiring (ESVAGT bears the cost)
  • Have a valid health certificate and passport

application deadlines

Looking to start in July 2025?
Apply here no later than September 20, 2024

Looking to start in January 2025?
Apply here no later than February 29, 2024

... You've earned 12 months of effective sailing time – now what?

When you have been 12 months at sea, you must write your bachelor’s thesis. There are good opportunities to continue your career in ESVAGT, if the vessel gives you a good evaluation and you want to continue in the shipping company, you will be offered a navigator position if possible.

“Once I have earned my sailing time, I will write my bachelor’s thesis. After that, I would like to sail in ESVAGT for a few years so that I can use some of the things I have learned. In the long term, I dream of becoming a master.”Mette Nørgaard, ESVAGT CARINA

Meet a deck officer apprentice in ESVAGT

Deck Officer Apprentice
Mette Nørgaard

Are you a UK resident and enrolled on a deck officer program with Clyde Marine?