Bachelor and workshop trainee


Want to be part of the team ensuring the vessel's operation from the engine room?

As a bachelor or workshop trainee in ESVAGT you will have the opportunity to train as an engineer while helping to ensure safety at sea. You will have the opportunity to test theory in practice and gain valuable skills.

As a trainee, you will be involved in all technical work on the ship. You will take part in the supervision and operation of the engine room, maintenance, and control of all technical equipment as well as technical administrative tasks. You will be trained in the on-call system (24/7) and will also have the opportunity to participate in vessel-based exercises, e.g. sailing with Fast Rescue Boats (FRB), fire drills and first aid.

The internship is unpaid, but you are SU-eligible. You will also get working gear and food on board, and we will cover your transport costs.

Why look into a trainee position in ESVAGT? We asked Chief Engineer on ESVAGT Connector, Ole Bundgaard, that question.

  • It gives you an interesting start on your Engineer career.
  • You will gain valuable experiences from crew members, who have been working in the field for many years
  • You contribute to our team in a positive manner making us prepared for the challenges we meet when operating a vessel
  • As a bonus you contribute with new and important knowledge from school, which is beneficial for your colleagues

The beginning of your ESVAGT career

Being newly employed at a new workplace will always be related with some excitement and nervousness, but you will be well taken care of during your start at ESVAGT.

The employment at ESVAGT starts with a course in Esbjerg, and it will take place over four days.

The first two days you will start training in sailing an FRB, which is our most important tool in a rescue operation. In addition, we hold an in-depth internal safety course, where you are equipped to work according to ESVAGT STANDARD.

On your last day, you take part in pacing, where you again sail the FRB, learn to dock with the hook and to sail up along the mother ship. During the course, you will receive a plan for your upcoming sailing, and when the course is completed, you will be called out for your first muster.

"On board ESVAGT Dana, we make sure to welcome the trainees, so that they already at their first muster get a thorough knowledge of the vessel, the daily tasks and, not least, the safety, which we expect to be top notch. This approach ensures that we live up to the ESVAGT Standard every day and at the same time helps to provide a good insight into what everyday life you can expect if you choose a career in ESVAGT."
Kasper Munch
Chief Engineer on ESVAGT DANA

Become a part of esvagt

Are you studying to become an engineer and dreaming of a job at sea?

What can you expect from us?

  • Completion of your workshop or bachelor internship
  • A varied and inspiring job
  • The opportunity for personal and professional development
  • Danish machine crew
  • The possibility of a job at ESVAGT, if you get a good evaluation by the vessel after completing the internship
  • 4 weeks at sea and almost 4 weeks of home
  • Exercise equipment, own chamber and common room

What do we expect from you?

  • Studying to become a marine engineer with a maritime supplementary subject
  • Have the desire to work with safety at sea
  • Passionate about making a career in the maritime industry
  • Practical experience is a plus, but not a requirement
  • Can communicate in writing and orally in both Danish and English
  • Can present a criminal record (max 3 months old)
  • Can show pure drug test when hiring (ESVAGT bears the cost)
  • Have a valid health certificate and passpor

application deadlines

Workshop trainee

Workshop trainee(start April)
Apply no later than December 1

Workshop trainee(start November)
Apply no later than July 1

bachelor trainee

Bachelor trainee(start August)
Apply no later than March 1

Bachelor trainee(start February)
Apply no later than October 1

... You graduated - now what?

In connection with the bachelor internship, you must write your bachelor thesis, which is often written about an ESVAGT-specific issue, as help is available on board. Workshop interns continue their schooling and can apply for their bachelor internship at ESVAGT later if interested.

“I’m a little unsure what the future will bring. On the one hand, I imagine that I will end up being 1st engineer in ESVAGT. On the other hand, I am also open to a job on land in the long term. There are many possibilities” Chris Bagger, ESVAGT OBSERVER

Meet a former bachelor trainee in ESVAGT

Junior Engineer
Chris Bagger