Welcome on board at esvagt

“A vessel is only as good as its crew”


SINCE 1981, ESVAGT HAS been the breeding ground FOR A MARITIME CAREER, AND TODAY WE EMPLOY MORE THAN 1300 EMPLOYEES onshore and offshore

We are a company synonymous with high quality and high safety standards. The high level of quality originates from our skilled and dedicated employees, who through continuous training ensure competence-enhancing development and our customers’ satisfaction.

On board some of ESVAGT’s vessels, you will meet seafarers of different nationalities, ages and genders, as we as a company want diversity and openness.

Safety is inculcated in ESVAGT’s DNA. Therefore, all employees undergo an intro course to ensure the best conditions for succeeding in the job and at the same time be able to comply to ESVAGT’s standard – Do it safely or not at all


The professional further development is ensured through ongoing internal and external courses, online training and daily exercises, including man-over-board in Fast Rescue Boat (FRB), first aid and fire drills. It is important to ESVAGT that our staff is well prepared for the job at all times.

Your personal development is a high priority at ESVAGT, and therefore you are in close dialogue with your nearest manager. In order to ensure positive development, we also believe that well-being at work is essential, which is why leisure and social activities on board are also an important part of life at sea.

plenty of possibilities in the sea

If you have a maritime education or you want to get one, we would like to hear from you. In ESVAGT we have several opportunities for employment, whether you want to cut carrots in the galley, get oil on your fingers in the engine room, get wind in the helmet on deck or secure the vessel’s course on the bridge.

ESVAGT also wishes to be available for the training of seafarers. That’s why we offer three trainee positions tailored to prepare the seafarer for a maritime career.

If you would rather support seafarers from land, take a look at our vacancies at our head office in Esbjerg.

We are continuously looking for new colleagues for positions on both land and at sea. Here you will find an overview of vacancies.

ESVAGT is committed to contributing to the training of seafarers by taking three different educational backgrounds in trainee positions on board our vessels.

ESVAGT is proud to be the shipping company with the most maritime internships in Denmark and we also highly encourage women to work in the shipping industry. We are committed to give equal opportunities for all gender.

The essence of ESVAGT are the people who work here, and some of the employees have worked in ESVAGT for more than 30 years. You can read more about how the employees like working at ESVAGT here