sponsorships & Donations

Guidelines for ESVAGT’s sponsorships and donations 

Each year ESVAGT enters an agreement on sponsorships. Received applications are processed once every quarter by ESVAGT’s sponsor committee. Applicants will receive an answer immediately after.

ESVAGT primarily supports initiatives that: 
         Relates to ESVAGT’s business area “Safety & Support at Sea”
         Promotes safety and health
         Promotes education and talent development

ESVAGT does not supports:
         Political organizations 
         Religious organizations or religious purposes
         Activities that may be harmful to the environment, animals, or people
         Purpose that may conflict with ESCAGT’s anticorruption policy and code of conduct

Sponsorships for employees:
ESVAGT also supports employees’ local commitments. We are happy to support clubs and associations where our employees provide voluntary unpaid work, e.g. as a coach, committee or board member.

You can apply for an amount of max. kr. 5.000 per sponsorship and sponsorships that extend more than one year can not be signed.

If you are interested in applying for a sponsorship with ESVAGT, please send your application to

Amoung others, ESVAGT supports:

•  EFB football
•  TEAM ESBJERG – handball (women)
•  Ribe – Esbjerg handball (men)
•  ESBJERG Energy Ice Hockey
•  Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet
•  Dansk Flygtningehjælp
•  Røde Kors