Do it safely-
Or not at all

Making the sea a safe place to work has been ESVAGT’s mission from day one. Safety is imbedded in our DNA, and today our safety commitment is as strong as ever. As we say, do it safely or not at all.

We build on the ability to navigate any sea safely. Whether responding to an emergency with our Fast Rescue Boats (FRB) or transferring people between our Service Operation Vessels and offshore wind farm installations safely, the combination of skills, competencies, mind-set, and equipment sets ESVAGT apart as the preferred safety partner.

Safety first
Safety always comes first. ESVAGT was born from respect and passion for the sea; safety is imbedded in ESVAGT’s DNA and after 40 years, our safety commitment is as strong as ever. 

The ESVAGT safety culture

A safe and secure working environment is a prerequisite for operating at sea. Throughout the company we have built a culture in which everyone takes responsibility and pride.
Our ‘Stop the Job Authority’ encourages and empowers all employees and customers to stop any work they consider unsafe. We expect that everyone adheres to their duty. Not because they are told to do so – but because it is the right thing to do.

Rather proactive than reactive

Proactive risk management is a cornerstone in the safety culture at ESVAGT. The purpose is to ensure that any activity, operation, or design undertaken by ESVAGT is carried out with due consideration for health, safety, and the environment. Preventing an incident is always preferred to handling the resulting consequences.
We employ various safety tools to control risks in our operations, including a Safety Management System, Risk Assessment, Toolbox Talks, Safety Meetings, Monitoring Safety Performance and Stop the Job Authority.

“All employees and customers on board have the authority to stop work that is considered unsafe”