decarbonising offshore support


Emission by 2050


Reduced emissions across all scopes


EBITDA from Renewables


World's 1st and 2nd green fuel SOV

The past year underlined the complexity of the green energy transition and reinforced ESVAGT’s strategi ambition to step up the decarbonization of offshore support.

Our strategy

Leading as a sustainable provider of safety and support at sea 

ESVAGT’s strategic ambition is to transition from oil & gas towards offshore wind, and other green technologies which now represents 50% of our EBITDA with a target to achieve 80% by 2026. We aim to fully complete the transition by 2050. We also seek to be the leading provider of low or zero-emission SOVs.

There is also growing demand from offshore wind developers and oil and gas E&Ps to use low or zero-emission technologies in SOVs and ERRVs in order to reduce their supply chain emissions to meet climate targets. ESVAGT is a leading provider and contracts with its customers to equip newbuilds with these technologies or to upgrade its existing vessels.

All of ESVAGT’s core services are significant in relation to our sustainability-related goals. Sustainability is, therefore, key to ESVAGT’s business strategy.


  • Transition from O&G towards renewables
  • Decarbonise our own operations
  • Help decarbonise our custormers’ supply chains
  • Minimise our negative environmental impacts


  • Provide healthy, safe and secure working conditions for our own workforce
  • Deliver highest quality services that support the safety of our
    customers’ employees
  • Build a strong and engaged organisation
  • Provide a diverse workplace where our employees can thrive
  • Focus on training and development


  • Conduct business with integrity
  • Comply with all laws applicable to our business and countries of operation
  • Deliver the highest quality services


ENVIRONMENTal information

CLIMATE change

The transition to renewable energy is crucial to the world’s efforts to limit global warming. Offshore wind has an important role to play in this but to achieve its global growth ambitions, it must be reliable, affordable, and sustainable.

At ESVAGT, supporting our customers in accelerating the global expansion of offshore wind is where we can have the most impact, and we have put this at the heart of our business strategy.


We seek to minimise our negative environmental impacts and to comply with all relevant rules and regulations in the countries that we operate in.

Within the shipping industry, marine pollution constitutes the largest single environmental risk. Avoiding negative impacts to the environment and protecting biodiversity are also important priorities for our customers and other stakeholders in offshore wind and oil & gas and we are committed to working with them to achieve their goals.

social information 

own workforce

Our people are essential to delivering our strong operational and safety performance and to achieving our growth ambitions. As one of our most significant stakeholder groups by interest and impact, we take our responsibility towards them seriously.

Approximately 95% of ESVAGT’s employees work at sea. Therefore, providing healthy, safe and secure working conditions is an essential part of ESVAGT’s business and a necessity for having a committed and engaged organisation.

Safety is also key to supporting our growth strategy in offshore wind, where our contribution to industry safety will grow as it attracts more people to work offshore. ESVAGT is well positioned to support the industry and the many people working offshore through the vast experience we have gained since 1981 as an operator of ERRVs and SOVs, transferring more than 700,000 people safely to and from offshore installations with the company’s boats and walk-to-work gangway transfers.

Our ambition is to continually improve our safety performance and avoid any accidents and harm to our people, the environment and our assets.

ESVAGT is a signatory to Danish Shipping’s charter for more women in shipping

workers in the value chain

Safety is core to what ESVAGT does. Through our SOVs, we provide support to offshore wind farm operators, and with our ERRVs, we provide standby and service vessels for offshore oil and gas companies.

Our focus is not only on ensuring the safety of our own employees but also on delivering operations that support the safety of our customers’ employees, who service offshore wind installations and work on offshore oil and gas platforms and drilling rigs.


Business conduct

At ESVAGT, we conduct our business with integrity and comply with all laws applicable to our business in the countries that we operate in. We actively foster a culture of integrity, aiming for zero incidents of non-compliance with our Governance Framework.

Our approach to business conduct is anchored in ESVAGT’s Governance Framework which sets the standard for how ESVAGT and its employees conduct business and outlines our expectations of our suppliers and business partners. These expectations are reinforced through due diligence assessments and regular supplier audits.

Sustainability & ESG Report 2023
Download the ESVAGT Sustainability & ESG Report 2023.