ESVAGT is a dedicated provider of safety and support at sea and a market leader within offshore wind solutions.

Built on a strong foundation of highly experienced and well-trained crews as well as good quality vessels and equipment, we support the offshore wind and oil and gas industries with a wide range of specialised services: standby, Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRV), oil spill response, firefighting, tanker assistance, rig moves, supply services and inter-field transfer of cargo and personnel.

We service offshore wind farms and have a fleet of dedicated Service Operation Vessels (SOV), which ESVAGT pioneered in 2010. The SOVs provide accommodation for technicians, spare time facilities, offices and conference room, storage for small turbine parts, workshops, etc. The SOV offers flexible personnel and equipment transfer capabilities by either a walk-to-work gangway system or Safe Transfer Boats (STBs).

ESVAGT was founded in 1981 and has a fleet of more than 40 vessels and approximately 1,300 employees offshore and onshore.

Handpicked crew
As for our vessels, we do not compromise on the quality of our crew. Each one is handpicked, tested and certified to work under the hardest conditions. 

In the business of saving lives
We are a company in the business of saving lives, which is why it’s necessary to have the moral compass in place. For us, orderliness, decency, and responsibility are the keywords in the way we think and act. 

The ESVAGT standard

Our employees have used their own words to describe the company’s DNA: The ‘ESVAGT Standard’.

The ‘ESVAGT Standard’ describes what it is that makes customers choose ESVAGT and what characterises the employees who carry an ESVAGT logo on their uniforms. It is a set of core values that everybody is proud to follow – and what makes ESVAGT unique.

Our customers take the ’ESVAGT Standard’ for granted – but we do not.

Do it safely or not at all

Whatever we do – we do it with quality

We take care of today – and make tomorrow better

Craftsmanship and dedication
We are people with skills, enthusiasm, and dedication – a ship is only as good as its crew

Constant improvement and innovation
We continuously strive to improve – with innovation as the foundation

Customer focus and flexibility
We work hard and smart for our customers – always committed to go the extra mile

The ESVAGT Code of Conduct
We have very high standards, and we expect the same from our business partners. Any violation against our core values and against human rights cannot be tolerated.

Safety Instructions onshore

Safety Instructions offshore